Steam valve 82019 for steam packages

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Compact system steam packages for tire curing presses 01

Our new steam package system with our new valve Type 82019 with enables an entirely new compact energy-saving construction of steam packages. 

Benefit from our more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing Steam Packages for Tire Curing Presses. We build Steam Packages for tire curing presses for all tire curing presses manufacturers and tire manufacturers.

Currently, there is no comparable valve on the market, with which one can manufacture space-saving tire curing steam packages. With our unique small systems not only save energy in your production processes. The compact design also reduces your Maintenence costs. Steam packages from the Industriefabrik Schneider can be used vertically as well as horizontally. In combination with our new insulation, you reduce your energy cost.

Ask us before you change your steam packs on your tire curing presses, we are happy to advise you. Stand out from your competition. In the time of energy and cost savings a competitive advantage.

Compact system steam packages for tire curing presses 03

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